CFC Norcal

Why Should I Contribute

The CFC belongs to you – the Federal employee.  It doesn’t belong to the Federal Government, the United Way, or to the charitable organizations that benefit from it.  You control where your gift will go.

CFC provides employees with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need – to help sustain community, state, national and international health, educational, environmental and human services.

For 50 years, the CFC has offered:

Choice – You get to direct your pledge to the organizations that are closest to your interests.  This year, more than 4000 are listed in your Giving Guide that you can choose from.
Convenience – Workplace giving has advantages.  Through payroll deduction you can give more, while only having a small amount deducted from each paycheck.  Cash and checks are also accepted.  Online giving is available to many agencies (check with your coordinator or LE) – a safe and quick way to find a charity and donate.
Confidence – Each charity is screened by your federal peers.  Requirements of each charity include: a Health and Human Service impact statement, IRS determination letter, tax form 990, and certified audits where appropriate.

You don’t have to go far to find people in need – many of your family members, friends and neighbors will at some point benefit from the services of charities participating in the CFC.  Whether it’s advances in medicine provided by research, support for our aging parents, disaster assistance or the opportunity for a child to participate in after school programs – we all have something to gain by supporting the campaign.


Top Ten Reasons to Contribute