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Care For Causes: Choose Your Cause

Care For Causes: Choose Your Cause

Everyone has a story about why they choose to give through the CFC.  Whether it’s

a personal story about a situation they may have faced, a family member’s story about a benefit received, or someone else’s story they know, that story is often is the reason they give.     

The question is, “What IS Your Cause?” 

Your pledge makes change happen.  Through the Combined Federal Campaign, what you want to change is likely to be addressed with the charity choices available.    If you worked in another federal agency location and gave to a charity in that local community, you can continue to support that charity.  If someone you know receives a benefit from a CFC charity anywhere in the world, you can now support that charity!

YOUR CFC is the giving mechanism for Choosing Your Cause!  See how the people below have changed

lives, conditions, and causes.